6PM vs Zappos vs Amazon


6PM and Zappos are operated by the same company Zappos IP, Inc. In July of 2009, Zappos joined the Amazon.com and now they are literally own by Amazon with different pricing rules, shipping and return policies.

Pricing: 6PM is a discount site for Zappos, you will find for the same product, the prices are markedly different on 6pm vs. Zappos, 6PM offers deep price cut on that product while at Zappos, it’s still tagged for the original prices. Amazon usually offers discount prices as well, if you can find Amazon with free shipping and returns and the price differences are minimal, then order from Amazon is a good choice since if you were to pay to return it you would end up paying about the same as if you had bought it at Amazon instead of 6pm in the first place. Nevertheless, if you’re a bargain shopper, before jumping to conclusions and making any purchases, do check out our 6PM price check tool to find out the lowest prices.

Products Quality: Products carried at 6PM are usually from past season’s styles, or the inventory for that product is running low in certain sizes and they want to clear them out. All the items you see on 6pm are the same original and authentic items you see or have seen on Zappos. Items sold on Amazon’s marketplace are not guaranteed for 100% authenticity, so when shopping at Amazon for fashion items, try to find them with free shipping and free returns.

Shipping Policies: 6PM offers free shipping on orders $50 or more and normally takes several days to arrive at your doorstep,  while shipping charge at Zappos is always free. Zappos delivers expedite shipping service, you usually will be able to receive items within 2 business days. Most of items at Amazon are qualified for Free Prime Shipping.

Return Policy: At 6PMYou need to pay for shipping label if you want to return an item due to your own reason such as you ordered wrong size or wrong style. The cost of shipping fee is based on the weight, the more it weights, the more it costs. Return must be made within 30 days at 6PM. Zappos has been well known for its excellent Free return policies. You can return any items and get full refund no matter what’s the reason within 1 year, yes ONE FULL YEAR. Return policy at Amazon are varied item by item, even the same items are sold by different sellers and they might have different return policies. as we mentioned above, use Amazon prime membership and order items that come with free shipping and free returns.

Product Review: 6pm does not include product reviews on their website. This is actually a bit inconvenience when browsing on 6PM.com because we need those reviews to help us with purchasing decision!

That’s why we created this website, we include not only price comparison but also embeded reviews from Amazon so you can be an informed consumer and find the best deals on your favorite brands all in one place.

Summary: For Price Ranking:

  1. 6PM
  2. Amazon
  3. Zappos
  4. 6pm is a great site to shop at, find steals at, and to deal with.

For Service Ranking:

  1. Zappos
  2. Amazon using prime membership and order items that specified free shipping and free return
  3. 6PM